Fibre Hemp flavoured

The Story

Amsterdam, the Cannabis Capital of Europe! It all started in the Redlight
district, a couple of spirit entrepreneurs were missing the real taste of Cannabis in the many cocktailbars Amsterdam has to offer.

After dozens of testing and tasting sessions we have created 3 craft unique tasting Cannabis Spirits.

No Boundries! Feel free to do whatever you want, whenever you want and with whom you want! We offer you this opportunity with our craft line of Cannabis Sativa drinks.

Drink is pure on the rocks, make a great Gin & Tonic or try some distinctive

Bring home a piece of Amsterdam!


Who we are

We are an Amsterdam based spirits company!
Craft and beautiful products is what we do.
Dedicated to bring you only the best the market has to offer.

Our love for Amsterdam and cocktails has driven us to create a line of Cannabis flavoured spirits.

Our line of Cannabis Sativa hemp flavoured spirits is available through out Amsterdam, liqour stores,
souvenier shops, cocktail bars, restaurants
and supermarkets.

Get high on the “pallet” but not by drinking.
Our spirits do not contain T.H.C.


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    Anker Amsterdam Spirits B.V.
    Visitors address
    Slego 2
    1046 BM, Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    +0031 204867212

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